Discovering Herbs
Princes Risborough, 1993, 120 pp. - 9,95 euro

bestelnummer: A0211004

Since the early 1970s herbs have been recognised as part of our cultural heritage and many are now familiar garden plants. Others of ancient cultivation are now collectors' items in the authentic herb garden. In this book the author includes a wide range of such plants, discussing their background, care and cultivation, their properties and propagation. Medicinal plants, pot herbs, culinary delights, household sweeteners, dye plants and those with fragrance are all included. This is a book for both beginner and enthusiast.

Kay N. Sanecki is an established horticultural writer, working especially on fragrant plants, herbs and garden history. Her formal training was in horticulture and she has worked for the Royal Horticultural Society and in horticultural publishing for many years.

Content / inhoud

- A place for herbs
- Growing herbs
- Harvesting herbs
- Drying herbs
- Herbs to grow
- Cooking with herbs
- Pot-pourri
- Herb gardens today
- National herb collection in Britain
- Further reading

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