Colin PEARSON [ed.]
Conservation of Marine Archaeological Objects
London, 1987, 297 pp. - 179,25 euro
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Over the past twenty years there has been a significant increase in underwater activities such as scuba diving which, coupled with the adventure and romance always associated with shipwrecks, has led to rapid developments in the discovery and excavation of shipwrecked material. These shipwrecks are invaluable archaeological "time capsules", which in the majority of cases have come to an equilibrium with their environment. As soon as artefacts on the wreck site are moved, this equilibrium is disturbed, and the artefacts may commence to deteriorate, sometimes in a rapid and devastating fashion. In fact excavation without having conservation facilities available is vandalism - the artefacts are much safer being left on the sea bed.

Such famous shipwrecks as the Mary Rose (1545), the Wasa (1628) and the Batavia (1629) have not only brought the world's attention to these unique finds, but have also produced tremendous conservation problems. The treatment of a 30 metre waterlogged wooden hull of large cast iron cannon is still causing headaches to conservators.

This book looks first at the underwater environment and the mechanisms of deterioration of the inorganic and organic materials likely to be found on a shipwreck. This is followed by a detailed discussion of the theory and practice of conserving the artefacts. In addition, information is provided for on-site storage, transport of artefacts, and finally; after the professional conservator who has the responsibility of treating the vast amount of material currently being excavated from shipwrecks.

Content / inhoud

  • M.-L.E. FLORIAN: The underwater environment
  • M.-L.E. FLORIAN: Deterioration of organic materials other than wood
  • D.W. GRATTAN: Waterlogged wood
  • N.A. NORTH & I.D. MacLEOD: Corrosion of metals
  • C. PEARSON: Deterioration of ceramics, glass and stone
  • C. PEARSON: On-site storage and conservation
  • M. LESKARD: The packing and transportation of marine archaeological objects
  • V. JENSSEN: Conservationn of wet organic artecats excluding ood
  • D.W. GRATTAN & R.W. CLARKE: Conservation of waterlogged wood
  • N.A. NORTH: Conservation of metals
  • C. PEARSON: Conservation of ceramics, glass and stone
  • V. JENDSSEN & C. PEARSON: Environmental considerations for storage and display of marine finds
  • Index


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