The Preservation and Use of Historic Musical Instruments. Display case or concert hall ? London, 2004, pp. 192 - 49,95 euro
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A tension has arisen between those who favour restoration of instruments to playing state and those who argue for non-functioning preservation. This book dissects the rationales that underlie and drive actions in this field. The above polarity is deflated, paving the way for a balanced and rational approach to the care, preservation and interpretation of historic musical instruments.

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The Historic Musical Instrument; Categorization; The Silent Artisan; Currency; Preservation; Restitution; Sparing the Original; Criticism and Critique; Glenn Gould's Working Piano; The Amati Quartet; Richard Coates' Barrel Organ; Virginals by Marco Jadra; The Opus Collection; Benton Fletcher's Kirckman Harpsichord; Glenn Gould's Favourite Piano; The Oldest English Fortepiano; The Confidence of Currency; The Assurance of Preservation; The Dissonance of Restitution; Is Restoration Acceptable? Reconciliation; Last Words; Appendix, Bibliography, Index


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