J.D. BRITTON & Diane F. BRITTON [eds.]
History Outreach: Programs for Museums, Historical Organizations, and Academic History Departments
Malabar (Florida), 1994, 206 pp. - 36,75 euro

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The underlying premise is that historical organizations (not the least of which are the college and university history departments) can no longer wait for their phones to rink or someone to knock on their doors. Therefore, the focus of this book is the attempts by history museums, historical societies, preservation groups, and academic history departments to create history outreach programs in order to better serve their constituents, students, communities, and nontraditional audiences. Case study articles, written by leading historians in the field of public history, address the need for historical organizations to develop outreach programs and provide descriptions of programs created to effectively take these history oriented institutions out into the general community

Prof. Diane F. Britton specializes in Public History, late 19th and 20th century U.S., and Ethnic America. She is leading the Public History Program at The University of Toledo.
J.D. Britton, is Instructor at the same university.


- Barbara J. HOWE: West Virginia University Takes History Into the Community
- Jeffrey P. BROWN: Cultural Conservation: Scholars and the Community
- Todd SHALLAT: Urban Problems, Rural Values: History and Community Outreach in the Mountain West
- Diane F. BRITTON: Community Outreach at the University of Toledo
- Hans HOUSHOWER: Exploring Local History and Culture: The Experience of American Hous Inc.
- Craig E. COLLEN: Harvesting the River: Extending a Museum's Reach
- Raymond SCHUCK, Willial C. GATES Jr. & Terry BARNHART: Outreach Through Partnerships and Collaborations
- Stephen L. RECKEN: Community History in Astoria: Theory and Practice in Assisting Local Historical Societies
- Geoffrey J. GIGLIERANO & Debora A. OVERMYER: "Why Are You Studying My Neighborhood?" Reaching a General Audience with Local History Projects and the "New" Social History

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