Brian RIDOUT [ed.]
Timber. The EC Woodcare Project: Studies of the behaviour, interrelationships and management of deathwatch beetles in historic buildings
London, 2001, 104 pp. - 45,95 euro

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A series of technical and scientific papers taken from the Woodcare conference held in London in 1998 on structural oak timber decay in historic buildings and the deathwatch beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum).
These 12 papers address the detection, management and control, treatment and monitoring of fungi, the deathwatch beetle and timber decay. A number of the papers form reports from the European Commission's Woodcare Project.

Content / inhoud

Brian V. RIDOUT: Deathwatch beetle and its treatment: Conclusions and some practical results from the Woodcare research programme
- Monique S.J. SIMMONDS & Wally M. BLANEY: Life cycle and feeding habits: Beetle behaviour in buildings and boxes
Tristram WYATT & Martin BIRCH: Finding a mate - tapping behaviour and deathwatch beetle communication, mate location and mate choice
- Brian V. RIDOUT: The population dynamics of the deathwatch beetle, and how their mode of attack influences surface treatments: Westminster Haal, London
- Monique S.J. SIMMONDS, Steven R. BELMAIN & Wally M. BLANEY: Integrated pest management for the control of deathwatch beetles: Trapping
- G.R. COLEMAN: The chemical control of deathwatch beetle

- Colm P. MOORE & Hubertv T. FULLER: Recent studies on the oak polypore 'Donkioporia expansa' (Desm.) Kotl. & Pouz.
- Petra ESSER & Albert TAS: The roles of location, age and fungal decay in the chemical composition of oak
- Brian V. RIDOUT & E.A. RIDOUT: The effect of fungi on the growth of deathwatch beetle larvae and their ability to attact oak

- Piet van STAALDUINEN, Petra ESSER & Jan de JONG: The acoustic detection of deathwatch beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum) larvae in oak structural timbers
- Robert DEMAUS: Non-destructive location and assessment of structural timber
- Petra ESSER & Jan de JONG: Monitoring conditions and treatments of buildings: Case studies from The Netherlands

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