Gilding. Approaches to Treatment. 
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Gilding is to be found on a wide range of materials across the spectrum of the visual arts and its conservation spans many fields, including metalwork, architecture, sculpture, paintings, frames, furniture and other artifacts.

This book presents papers from the landmark conference 'Gilding: Approaches to Treatment' held in September 2000, the aim of which was to achieve a greater understanding of the reasons and variations in the approaches to the treatment of gilded materials.
Not only are technical details of individual conservation projects described, but the papers also discuss the complex decision-making processes involved, covering such questions as the most appropriate materials to use and the extent of conservator intervention. Collection management issues are addressed, including the planning of conservation and care for large numbers of objects belonging to a single organization, as are the social values that can be involved when deciding upon the final appearance of conserved gilded objects.

'Gilding: Approaches to Treatment' puts on record current thinking and practice from leading conservation specialists. It will lead to an increased understanding of the shared issues in gilding conservation across very different disciplines and represents a consensus regarding the ethics of gilding conservation in its many contexts. As such it will be an essential reference for conservators, curators, collection managers and other custodians of gilded objects.

The conference 'Gilding: Approaches to Treatment' was a collaborative event organized by the Gilding Section of the United Kingdom Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (UKIC) and English Heritage (27-28 September 2000).

Content / inhoud

- Julius BRYANT: The Midas temptation: Conserving gilded furniture at Chiswick House
- Glynis EDWARDS: Conservation of gilded archaeological artefacts: Its effects and implications
- Andy MITCHELL: Gilding as just another finishing
-Paul TEAR: The treatment of gilt-bronze at the Wallace Collection: the cleaning and conservation of the F68 Balustrade
- Duncan WILSON: Gilding conservation in an architectural context
- Helen HUGHES: The use of gold on architectural elements
- Jill DUNKERTON: The restoration of gilding on panel paintings
- Louisa DAVEY: Framing at the National Gallery
- Sara STANIFORTH: The management of frame conservation in National Trust houses
- John ANDERSON: Dip and strip, not quite but almost
- Christine POWER: Working with gilded furniture for the British Galleries at the V&A
- Dave GRIBBIN: Conserving the Chiswick side tables: a challenge for English Heritage

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