Erma HERMENS [ed.]; Annemiek OUWERKERK & Nicola COSTARAS [ass.eds.]: Looking through paintings. The study of painting techniques and materials in support of art historical research
Baarn, 1998, 519 pp. - 47,95 euro

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The articles in this volume circle around an area of study that has become known informally as `technical art histotry'. It is a wide-ranging, inclusive vocation of the making of art and the means by which we throw light on that process. Although concentrating on painting techniques, materials and studio practice it goes far beyond the material into how concepts are translated into substance - how invenzione becomes disegno and colore.

In this volume we travel in a great sweep from the general to the particular - from (global sources of pigment supply to the specifics of extracting dyestuffs in seventeenth century Holland, from the medieval concepts of colour to vivid glimpses of nineteenth Century London studios. This collection of articles demonstrates the great importance of painting techniques and materials for art historical research.

Content / inhoud

  • J.R.J. van ASPEREN de BOER: Some Reflections upon the Impact of Scientific Examination of Art Historical Research
  • Leslie CARLYLE: Design, Technique and Execution: the Dichotomy between Theory and Craft in Nineteenth-century British Instruction Manuals on Oil Painting
  • John LEIGHTON: Taking a Closer Look: Art Historians, Restorers and Scientists
  • John GAGE: Colour Works in the High Middle Ages
  • Josephine A. DARRAH: White and Gonden Tin Foil in Applied relief Decoration 1240-1530
  • Rachel BILLINGE: Links with Schongauer in Early Netherlandish Paintings in the National Gallery
  • Marhriet van EIKEMA HOMMES: Painters' Methods to Prevent Colour Changes Described in Sixteenth to Early Eighteenth Century Sources on Oil painting Techniques
  • Renate WOUDHUYSEN-KELLER & Paul WOUDHUYSEN: Thoughts on the Use of Green Glaze called 'Copper-resinate' and its Colour-changes
  • Annetje BOERSMA & Jeroen GILTAIJ: The Intriguing Changes through Restoration of a Newly Discovered Painting by Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem
  • Paul TAYLOR: The Glow in the Late Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Dutch Painting
  • Jørgen WADUM: The Antwerp Brand on Paintings on Panel
  • Nico van HOUT: Meaning and Development of the Ground-layer in Seventeenth Century Painting
  • Ella HENDRIKS: Johannes Verspronck: the Technique of a Seventeenth Century Haarlem Portraitist
  • Erma HERMENS & Arie WALLERT: The Pekstok Papers: Lake Pigments, Prisons and Paint-mills
  • Zahira VELIZ: Aspects of Drawing and Painting in Seventeenth Century Spanish Treatises
  • Ann MASSING: French Painting Technique in the Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries and De La Fontaine's Académie de la Peinture (Paris 1679)
  • Joris DIK & Arie WALLERT: Two Still-Life Paintings by Jan van Huysum: an Examination of Painting Technique in Relation to Documentary and Technical Evidence
  • Melissa R. KATZ: Holman Hunt on Himself: Textual Evidence in Aid of Technical Analysis
  • Sally WOODCOCK: Posing, Reposing and Decomposing: Life-size Lay Figures, Living Models and Artists' Colourmen in Nineteenth Century London
  • Ineke PEY: The Hafkenscheid Collection
  • Cor BLOK: Artistic Craftsmanship in the Age of Impatience


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