13th triennial meeting,
Rio de Janeiro. 22-27 September 2002. Preprints
ICOM Committee for Conservation - 2002, 2 vols., pp. 984 + CD: 154,25 euro
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The triennial meetings of the ICOM Committee for Conservation are now widely regarded as the most significant global events in the conservation calendar. These meetings offer conservation professionals a unique opportunity to discover the current status of research and practice across the full range of conservation disciplines at the highest level.

These Preprints of the 13th Triennial Meeting, held in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, offer an unrivalled collection of 137 refereed papers and 34 posters, selected for their quality by the organizers of the meeting.
Also included with the 13th Triennial Meeting Preprints is a CD-ROM version, featuring Title, Author and Keyword searches of the papers plus full colour illustrations.

All those involved in any aspect of conservation will find the whole series of ICOM-CC Preprints an essential and valuable component of their library. It will also be of interest to any museum professional with either responsibility for or an interest in the field of conservation.


Volume 1: Preventive conservation " Education and training in conservation " Theory and history of conservation-restoration " Scientific methods of examination of works of art " Documentation " Paintings I: Conservation and restoration of paintings " Paintings II: Scientific study of paintings (methods and techniques)
Volume 2: Sculpture and polychromy " Mural paintings, mosaics and rock art " Graphic documents " Photographic records " Ethnographic collections " Wet organic and archaeological materials " Textiles " Leather and related materials " Natural history collections " Stone " Glass, ceramics and related materials " Metals " Resins: characterisation and evaluation " Modern Materials

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