Jaap A. MOSK & Norman H. TENNENT [eds.]
Contributions to Conservation. Research in Conservation at the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN)
London, 2002, 126 pp. - 62,75 euro

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Contributions to Conservation presents the latest research in conservation conducted by the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN) -- a national centre of excellence promoting the study and conservation of objects of art and science through scientific research, education and consultancy. The objective of the ICN is to improve the quality of conservation and collections care in museums, galleries, archives, libraries and other public collections.

The reference work incorporates the accumulated knowledge and results from a broad range of conservation research projects undertaken by the ICN.

Interdisciplinary co-operation and exchange of knowledge play an important part in each conservation research project undertaken by the ICN. Conservators, archivists, curators, conservation consultants and educators, as well as academics, students and researchers in the field will therefore wellcome this book as a broad-based source of knowledge, technique and experience - of great practical benefit in finding optimal solutions to conservation problems.


- Agnes BALLESTREM & Judith HOFENK de GRAAFF: Conservation Science at the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (1997-2000): the policy
- Hubertus A. ANKERSMIT & Robert van LANGH: The removal of laquers from silver by steam
- Jaap BOS: Size exclusion cromatography as a tool in the investigation of archaeological objects
- Agnes W. BROKERHOF: Application of sorbents to protect calcareous materials against acetic vapours
- Raymond HEESTERS, Henk van KEULEN & Agnes W. BROKERHOF: Badges for passive monitoring of formaldehyde concentrations in air
- Judith W. HOFENK de GRAAF: Dyeing and writing: a comparison of the use and degradation of iron-gall complexes on textiles and paper
- Matthijs de KEIJZER: The history of modern synthetic inorganic and organic artists' pigments
- Raymond HEESTERS, Henk van KEULEN & Wilma G.T. ROELOFS: Natural resins, artificially aged in steps
- Frank J. LIGTERINCK: Notes on the use of acid absorbents in storage of cellulose acetate-based materials: competitive absorbsion of water and acetic acid on zeolite 4A
- Johan G. NEEVEL: (Imp)possibilities of the phytate treatment of ink corrosion
- Thea B. van OOSTEN: A survey of problems with 'early' plastics
- José Luiz PEDERSOLI jr.: The assessment of chemiluminescence to investigate the oxidation of paper
- Birgit REISSLAND: Iron-gall corrosion - progress in visible degradation
- Emlen van der GRIJN, Adriaan KARDINAAL & Henk PORCK: Research into paper degradation from a historical starting-point: a case-study of discolouration of 19th-century paper

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