Jeanne-Marie TEUTONICO & John FIDLER [eds.]
Monuments and the Millenium. Proceedings of a joint conference organised by English Heritage and the United Kingdom Institute for Conservation
London, 2001, 244 pp. - 60 euro

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Twenty-four papers taken from an international conference on conservation issues concerning public sculpture and monuments held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1998. The papers are divided by subject into those that deal with approaches to art-historical, conservation and inventory issues, others which discuss technical approaches, case studies and discussions of the future and commissioning of new public sculpture. The authors derive from a range of different backgrounds including English Heritage, Imperial War Museum, art galleries, conservation architects, Historic Scotland, university departments.

The papers, all by internationally recognised experts represent a range of different disciplines, from Art History to conservation science. The address a comprehensive range of philosophical, political, scientific and practical issues relating to the planning, design, commissioning, care, and conservation of public monuments at the turn of the 21st century.


Context and Inventory
- Johanna DARKE: Monuments and Dilemmas: The Public Monuments and Sculpture Association National Recording Project
- Nick HEWITT: The National Inventory of War Memorials: Profile of a national recording project
- Susan K. NICHOLS: Frome here to eternity: Save outdoor sculpture for the next century
- Dorcas TAYLOR & Samantha SPORTUN: Leeds: patronising the arts and encouraging the sciences

History and Interpretation
- Helen E. BEALE: Do monuments still speak in Picasso's Vallauris from museum, courtyard, park and street ?
- Margaret GARLAKE: Heroes and kitsch in post-war monuments
- Paula MURPHY: Destruction or preservation? The destruction and/or preservation of British imperial monuments in Dublin
- Sergiusz MICHALSKI: Paradoxes of form and function in modern public monuments
- Vivien LOVELL: Contemporary monuments of the millenial kind

Techincal Approaches
- Andrew NAYLOR: Modern conservation of outdoor bronze sculpture
- Jennifer MELVILLE: The conservation of public sculpture in Aberdeen
- M.I. COOPER: Laser removal of paint layers from corroded copper: Possible applications to bronze sculpture cleaning
- Hannelore RÖMICH & Monika PILZ: Protective coatings for outdoor bronze sculptures: Available materials and new developments
- Dennis R. MONTAGNA: Bronze conservation in the United States at the dawn of the new century
Robyn RIDDETT: Melbourne's monuments: Conservation issues and approaches

Case Studies
- Glenn WARTON: The role of conservation in the design of conceptual monuments
- Nicola ASHURST: Cleopatr's needles, London and New York: Their histories and futures
- Ingvall MAXWELL: The Scott Monument, East Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh: the cleaning debate
- Bill MARTIN: The application of cathodic protection to historic masonry structures: A case study
- Alastair GLASS: The Albert Memorial: Saved but not restored

The Future of Public Monuments
- Benedict READ: Sculpture and the afterlife
- Roberto NARDI: Conservation of monuments: Where are we going?
- Vincent SHACKLOCK: Commissioning public sculpture in historic Lincoln: a proposal for the millenium
- Paul GOUGH: That sacerd turf: War memorial gardens as theatres of war (and peace)

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