Norman H. TENNENT [ed.]
The Conservation of Glass and Ceramics. Research, Practice and Training.
London, 1999, 293 pp. - 75,95 euro

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This book is the first to bring together in one comprehensive volume a wide range of key topics in glass and ceramics conservation. Scientific research in deterioration mechanisms and in the methods and materials of conservation processes are dealt with extensively by twenty authors, each internationally respected in their subject. The training available for glass and ceramics conservation is covered in contributions by five course directors at colleges in the USA and Europe. The book is designed for conservators, curators, conservation scientists, and ceramics and glass technologists.

Paul Perrot, formerly Director of the Corning Museum of Glass, writes in his introduction to the book:
"Ceramics and, later, glass are among the most fundamental substances in humanity's technological and social developmen. They, and especial ceramics, testify to a sense of continuity in the needs of the human condition and of its higher aims and achievement. As such the conservation of ceramics and glass deserves the thorough probing reflected in these pages"


- Hannelore RÖMICH: Historic Glass and its interaction with the environment
- Jennifer L. MASS: Instrumental methods of analysis applied to the conservation of ancient and historic glass
- Simon E.T. HOGG, David S. McPHAIL, Victoria L. OAKLEY & Philip S. ROGERS: Modern instrumental methods for the study of the deterioration of vessel glass
- Hannelore RÖMICH: Laboratory experiments to simulate corrosion on stained glass windows
- Roy G. NEWTON & Angela B. SEDDON: Organic coatings for medieval glass
- Manfred R. SCHREINER, Ingrid PROHASKA, Josef RENDL & Christian WRIGEL: Leaching studies of potsh-lime-silica glass with medieval glass composition
- P. Jane SIROIS: The deterioration of glass trade beads from Canadian ethnographic and textile collections
- Naomi EARL: The investigation of glass deterioration as a result of storage systems for waterlogged archaeological glass
- Elvira Aura CASTRO & Maria Teresa DOMENECH CARBO: An appraisal of the properties of adhesives suitable for the restoration of Spanish medieval ceramics
- Carolina Nunes da SILVA: The heath deflection of epoxy resins: a comparison of three products used in porcelain restoration

- Fi JORDAN: The practical application of tinted epoxy resins for filling, casting and retouching porcelain
- Jan Daniël van DAM: The difference between dry and wet clay mixing and the effect on the deterioration of Dutch tiles
- Lindsey K. BOGLE: The conservation of a collection of fire-damaged ceramics
- Stephen P. KOOB: Restoration Skill or deceit: manufactured replacement fragments on a Seljuk lustre-glazed ewer
- Charlotte CULHAM, KJanet H. NOTMAN & Norman H. TENNENT: Tension released: an 'exploding' Chinese vase
- Raisa STARIKOVA The conservation of ceramics at the State Russian Museum, St Petersburg: case studies in the treatment of gilded porcelain
- Valentine H.P. TALLAND & Barbara J. MANGUM: Stained glass conservation at the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum: puttingbthe pieces together
- Renée WEIJAND: Challenges and solutions in the restoration of vessel glass
- Chantal FONTAINE: Conservation of glass at the Institut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique (Brussels): from the earthquake in Liège to the stained glass of Loppem
- Sandra DAVISON: Historic cut glass chandeliers: recording and conservation
- Victoria OAKLEY: Five years on: a reassessment of aspects involved in the conservation of glass objects for a new gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum
- Belén Cobo del ARCO: Survey of the National Museums of Scotland glass collection
- Ida STAMHUIS: A surprising experience: new challenges for the display of Oriental ceramics at the Starck Pavilion of Decorative Art in the Groningen Museum

- Kenneth WATT: The ceramics conservation course at West Dean College
- Kate van LOOKEREN CAMPAGNE: The training of ceramic and glass conservators/restorers at The Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage
- Joost M.A. CAEN: Conservation education in glass and stained glass at the Antwerp Polytechnic University
- Pedro REDOL: Training in stained glass conservation at the Centro de Conservaçao e Restauro da Batalha, Portugal
- Jonathan THORNTON: Training ceramics and glass conservators at Buffalo State College: an American perspective illustrated by treatment case histories

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